Submit to bluddlefilth.org

Ever hear The Beatles’ “Revolution 9?” Charles Mingus’s
“Wierd Nightmare?” Stravinsky’s “Rites of Spring?” Send us
some audio along those lines.

Ever see some real ly freaky film or video? You know, like
grandma when she was 20 and dancing in go-go boots — and
nothing else — to work her way through school?

What about some real Goya type graphics? How ’bout a
revision of Munch’s “The Scream” — in crayon or some digital
facsimile? Microsoft’s “paint” program should do.

Or maybe you’ve read Joyce, Stein, Beckett, Amos Tutuola,
Burroughs, Kathy Acker, Mina Loy, Lorca, Vajello, Rimbaud,
and always wanted to scribble something bluddlefilthy

“Canons to the left of me! Canons to the right of me! Into
the bluddlefilth rode the 400 — and sold the movie rights
to Disney!”

There’s nothing to be afraid of…uh, except the 750 million
bullets Homeland Security just bough for “your protection.”


“From the Depths…”

An alternative to the Manichean mask of Left versus Right diverting us from the real issue of Power versus Powerless, or Civilization versus it’s majority of Discontents (why is the majority always discontented, forced to slog through life at gun-point surveyed by camera? was it this way in tribal cultures?) might be an invigorating change of pace. A venue that goes down deep, way deep, to a part of ourselves beneath (and predating) political fixes and even sound philosophies from which sincere opinion and belief are derived. Deep Art as opposed to Deep Politics (though politics and all that is deep form the blood and guts of art).  Time to “go down” as Nietzsche’s Zarathustra 1did. From the depths to reach the heights, the kind of inner drama Aeschylus created with The Oresteia2. Athena (female, same as The Furies) has id and womb, but also has a mind (born from head of Zeus, fully armed).  This seems dangerous compared to Apollo, whose radiant light is a bit more “civilized” than the mad, Dionysian3darkness screaming fury-ously for blood.

A work such as W.B. Yeat’s “The Second Coming” or T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland,” could have expressed fear, disgust, frustration felt by representatives of every gradient on the imaginary prism of opinion from far “left” to far “right,” most people falling along the liberal-conservative median of “some-where-in-between.”  Bloodlefilth.org would be happy to accept such a work, should Yeats or Eliot be inclined to submit one.

“If Hitler” — to use a well-worn Monopoly Media cliché – wasn’t a hack artist who created kitsch, that is, unable to tap the “sub-Adolph” way down deep below the corny Charlie Chaplin mustache, he could conceivably have produced a work of poetry, painting or music that would convey his discontent with the madness civilization imposed upon him. At this depth, we all share the same instinctive disgust. It is only at the socialized, cerebral level that we twist the already devious linguistic architecture into even grosser perversions of the same shared “reality.” Had he been a true artist, there is no reason why he couldn’t have produced a work like Munch’s The Scream4, Kafka’s The Trial, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, etc. All of which would be more than acceptable for publication in bluddlefilth.org — we are open to music and video art/statements too, so long as they follow our visceral aesthetic summed up by the word “bluddlefilth” itself, Joyce’s rendition of “battlefield,” among other connotations, in Finnegans Wake.

Peddlers of traditional, linear collaborationist Monopoly Media propaganda pimped under the guise of “important” 1000-page novels, heavy to carry but light and tedious to read, by Graphomaniac sylvanicides, such as Jonathan Franzen, David Eggers, David Foster Wallace and other quisling immortals, or “indy” films show-cased on a “movie-site near you” by Dreamworks or other “independent” sheiss-meisters, need not apply.

A submission by David Lynch or Ishmael Reed — raw, not “peer-reviewed” — would be nice, as would “Raw Power” by Iggy Pop (with The Stooges).

What we are talking about for bluddlefilth.org goes deeper than ideology, whether “left” or “right” which changes in terminologies and “new” idea sets, but is essentially the same protest or angry acceptance resulting in demonizing the “other,” as the case is with right-wing, as well as left-wing slaves of ideology, which creates a false piety and love/hate of “everyone” (“Communists love humanity but hate people,” as the old saying went; Fascists just hate everybody, particularly those who remind them of something naughty or downright nasty about themselves…).

“The Second Coming” or ” The Wasteland,” could come to us from either the “left” or the “right” and we would not know the difference and be none the worse for it.  It is this that will make bluddlefilth.org a multimedia site (text, graphics, audio, video) that stands as a supplement (not alternative) to other, more news and opinion-oriented political/social” sites on the Internet, which, being journals of intellectual opinion are – possibly must be by definition — Manichean “this side” or “that other” Nothing strictly from the depths or wherever art comes from.

Also, there is the female perspective, which we have not really seen develop,  in general, beyond the politics of feminism — whether lipstick-feminism, lesbian feminism, or chick-lit feminism — which is why works produced by Kathy Acker and Barbara Mor (her creative work i.e. The Blue Rental), photographer Nan Goldin, performer/musicians Lydia Lunch, Laurie Anderson and many others might stand out as examples of deep female discontent, rage, outrage, at eons of human energy frustrated and suppressed, although from the even more oppressed perspective of the “second sex.” Kathy Acker is dead, but Barbara Mor still lives to write more…

Joyce’s “bluddlefilth” states the “civilized/oppressed human condition” i.e. frustration of natural way-down-deep desire of the many in order to indulge the ego-exaggerated desires of the few, more truly than shibboleths like “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity (again — where’s the ‘Sorority?’).”

I’m with Mary Daly and Derrick Jensen on this, not to mention Joyce, Gertrude Stein and Rimbaud (and Keats, Shelley, Byron through, Beckett, Ralph Ellison, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Anne Carson, Ishmael Reed, Pynchon and onward).  Let’s go a bit south of consciousness for a while, though not too far south; even Cro Magnon expressed the complexities and contradictions of humanity in painting…

Hence, the bloodlefilth.org proposed masthead:

philosophy: crie de coeur (with acuity of kupf)

political affiliation: Id; on the Eros/Thanatos ticket for next and all future (s)elections

mission statement: “From the Depths…”

I doubt our words, sounds and images will cause Power to collapse, but it’ll be fun to throw rocks at its glass towers.

People create art and devise creative, subversive methods of expression in concentration camps. The greatest sin of De Sade was that he was sadistically boring (his point, actually, well before the Evening News: scenes of horror and perversion repeated over and over and over make one numb); nevertheless, shorter versions of his own crie de coeur, perhaps with some small intro, would be acceptable, as would a recording of an Iroquois “death song.”

We’re coming from a Crazy Horse/Sitting Bull/Nat Turner/Warsaw Ghetto mentality of, “no way to win, so nothing to do but fight — today is a good day to die!”

Even if others do not share this assessment, it will at least defuse the rhetoric of the “why don’t you see reason and do it my way” dynamic, whether it comes from Moses, Mohamed or Marx…all of whom Power sees as equally ineffectual and boring, though It might use this or that idea-set as a moral cover for its own ambition…

DISCLAIMER: I’m using fascism just as an example of one of many cerebral inventions meant to crush the soul to the depths. I would accept the Guernica5 if it were done by a fascist cause it means the inner human is trying to break out, but I am in no way tolerant of fascism itself — just in case someone gets the wrong idea. The Guernica could have been painted by a fascist Picasso had the town been bombed by Stalin-supported anarchists (though I don’t know if he supported them to the degree of giving them planes) because it’s a human statement about death, violence and tragedy, which fascists feel — everyday-people fascists, not psychopaths like Franco — just as they feel hate, fear and love. So as the bluddlefilth.org slogan says, “From the Depths…” Before civilization, which is, from what I can tell, a fascist-type system that overtook the socialist/anarchist tribal and community systems via the conquest and repression by which “civilization” is defined…

A NOTE ON TRANSPARENCY: It should be stated upfront that I am a “kept man.” I sold out big-time to my own publisher, Oliver Arts & Open Press: they’re paying the $18.00 needed to get a “bluddlefilth.org” domain name and website (receipt available upon request); nevertheless, bluddlefitlth.org will be open to all submissions, including those by younger artists, musicians, video/film-makers and writers if there are any to be found who aren’t already in prison (of one form or another).

ADVERTISER’S NOTE:  This call for bluddlefilth, by any means necessary, if necessary, will go out to as many established sites/zines as I can find. Each can choose to post/publish it or not, according to taste/agenda/audience.  However, anyone who sees this as an “advertisement” for potential “competition” (quite the opposite: hope to spawn many riverruns of bluddlefilths) should think seriously about what they’re doing and why, or should at least get smart and charge money for it…

Adam Engel, Supreme Field Commander and President For Life (i.e. editor) of bluddlefilth.org has published all sorts of stuff you can find by “Googling” his name; so why waste space? bluddlefilth.org welcomes submissions of textual and graphic artistry and links to sound and video (until it can host it’s own audio/visual archive) rebellion – the bluddlefilthier the better – for it’s inaugural issue (Halloween seems like an auspicious date, but possibly sooner). Submit your soul to bluddlefilth@yahoo.com.

35 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mr. Cheap, the wretchedest man on the Earth, get your own server if you are true to your mission!

    • You revolting corporate slave, lackey of the Scum-gods from Planet-X (or whoever runs this show). You come at me from a goddamned “web hosting” service and call me “cheap?” I’m gonna give you the free “ad-space” you’re obviously looking for here — you can’t be serious — just to out you for the low-life trawler that you are. You really need customers so badly? Why don’t you be “true to my mission” and give us free server space, Mr. “GoferDaddy-O?”

    • Yo, fellow cheap skates! Oh wretched of the earth! Need free speech but can’t pay for it? Go to our friend Go-Daddy-O and beg for a hand-out!

  2. Put down the bong and step away from the library.

    • Since the “library” includes film, music and just about every other art form, “I would prefer not to.”

      Put on your thinking-cap and try to say something intelligent. Nothing like a sound-byte of
      “criticism” from some anonymous asshole who’s like a holographic image of the Web: “whole lotta
      information at yer fingertips but little, if any wisdom…”

      Oh, I get it. A “drug joke.” How “witty” that might have been circa 1976…

  3. Yes, but I do it in ten words, or less.

    • And with all ten fingers, I’m sure. Bye-bye, asshole. No time for failed film-makers, writers, artists or even simple slack-jawed preterit voyeurs, such as yourself.

  4. hammerbag said:

    I’m an enraged person. May I upload some of my outraging photographs soon?

  5. "Thomas Bernhard" said:

    so if I understand correctly, bluddlefilth welcomes submissions from Yeats or Eliot, or maybe Joyce, Stein, Beckett, Amos Tutuola, Burroughs, Kathy Acker, Mina Loy, Lorca, Vajello, Rimbaud, and those inspired by the authors named above. Or the composers of The Beatles’ “Revolution 9,” which is to say the Beatles, and also, Charles Mingus, Stravinsky, and artwork by Edward Munsch.

    My question is this: Will bluddlefilth welcome a submission by Thomas Bernhard, the author of “the Loser” and also the deceptively optimistically entitled “Yes”? In other words, if a writer were to be inspired by Thomas Bernhard, or a follower of Thomas Bernhard, if anyone could be so misguided in their reading of Thomas Bernhard to suppose they could call themselves “followers of Thomas Bernhard,” a notion that Thomas Bernhard himself would have probably rejected, or even ridiculed, or even, if we can suspend our conventional beliefs about what is possible, the conventional beliefs that anyone who has read this far down the page has probably already suspended, otherwise they would have clicked already to a different page, the internet having perhaps a lack of many things but certainly no lack of other pages to click to, but if we suspend those conventional beliefs to consider that Thomas Bernhard himself, who died, much as many of the characters of his books die within the course of those books has written about them, would bluddlefilth welcome a submission by him, which is to say, a submission by Thomas Bernhard?

    • The Woodcutters, Concrete, Wittgenstein’s Nephew…anything of that quality, submitted by anyone, particularly
      the late Thomas Bernhard would be most welcome. William Gaddis, who would also be embraced by bluddlefilth, was the only American
      writer I’ve ever read who’d written critticism of Bernhard. He was so influenced by Bernhard, that his final book, the
      name of which escapes me, was a short (less than 200 pages; by the writer of the mammoth JR and Recognitions) novel about
      a dying man frantically, but hopelessly trying to organize his papers, i.e. Gaddis doing Bernhard, which would also be
      “bluddlefilthy” and given the respect and veneration it deserves, e specially since Gaddis was indeed dying, like his character,
      like Bernhard’s characters, immitating Bernhard in life and death as well as art…

      Post-mortem submissions by Kafka, Borges, Wallace Stevens, Jack Spicer, Kenneth Koch, Charles Olson and J.D. Salinger will also receive

  6. Harriet Ann Ellenberger said:

    Thank you and bravo! I love the vision for this website. How unsophisticated is this: whole-hearted support for your project. I am a fan of Barbara Mor too, and Mary Daly, and of all the up-from-under voices that are the human equivalents of the earth’s up-from-under volcanoes. Look forward to reading & viewing & listening on this site.

  7. the Medici kind.

  8. My moderation is comment on awaiting.

  9. fuck me unto the death….the hop ho hip.

  10. I personally intend to book mark this particular post, “bluddlefilth”
    on my blog. Do you care if perhaps Ido? Thank you ,Nola

  11. I actually Feel blog, “bluddlefilth | From the Depths” holyvirus was indeed just right!

    Icouldn’t see eye to eye together with you more! At last seems like I actuallystumbled upon a web site really worth reading. Thank you, Felicia

  12. Ok

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